for antique pottery and ceramics south east asia and China.   Qajar tills, Song, Ming, Qing dynasty, Ayutthaya, Sawankaloke, sukhothai,
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Welcom at the site webshop
In this shop You will find various items from the Sukhothai the Khmer and the Song period.
Celadon from the Si satchanalai kilns, San-kamphaeng en Ayutthaya pottery are well represented.
You will also find items from the Chinese dynasty's from the Song period till the Ming and Qing period.
Also we have Qajar tils, from Perzia in former times, now Iran.
A website for collectors of antique pottery and ceramics from south East Asia and china.
  Our specials  
Chinese statue

Chinees dak/gevel versiering    30 x 27 cm

This statue is a Shiwan Gongzai figure from tha Shiwan kiln in Fushan. This artwork is from the 19th century. It is a Qing period roof tile.

Chinese Kangxi plate

Chinees Kangxi bord    Dia 21,8 cm

A particularly beautiful Kangxi plate
The plate is decorated with eight butterflies and a beautiful basket of flowers.
One of the finest Kangxi plates I´ve ever seen.
The plate has two enamel fries but is otherwise unseen in mint condition

Delft plate

Delfts bord    Dia 34 cm

the Netherlands

Delft blue and white plate from the 18th century, decorated with chinoiserie.
Some chips are from the edges look at the detail photos.

Three legged toad

Drie poots pad    19 x 18 cm

Rare Chinese three legged toad pottery Shiwan vase from the 18th century or older
Warning Two legs where broken and ar restaured


Guanyin    H 36cm


Very nice Blanc de Chine De Hua statue from 1900, visual image the goddess Guanyin.

Japanese plate

Japans bord    Dia 36 cm


Japanese karatsu plate late 19th century, with foxes

The chrysanthemum boy

Kakiemon beeld `` the chrysanthemum boy``    21 X 19 cm


Kakiemon statue Okimono or Kikujido ( The chrysanthemum boy)
This statue is signed in underglaze by Saikida kakiemon 13
The statue is without the accompanying box
This is a real collectors item

Khmerr Kendy

Khmerr Schenkkruik    H 31cm D 31cm

Khmerr period

Kendy from the Khmerr period around 12th century

Kutani statue off a lion

Kutani beeld van een leeuw    Hoogte 24 cm


Kutani statue off a lion

Ming Tomb statue

Ming Grafbeeld    H 21cm

Ming Dynasty

Tomb statue from the Ming dynasty from around the 16th century

Qajar Tile

Qajar Tegel    13cm X 22cm

Persian ( Iran )

Qajar persian tile with a molded relief figure off a falconer.
Dated around the 19th century.

Qing Storage jar

Qing Provinciaalse voorraadpot    H 25cm D 20cm

Qing period

Storage jar from the Qing periode from around the 19th century.
Nice glaze features abstract green spots on a crackle field of light grey with granular,
with flakes like sawdust, clear glaze over top.

Song dynasty Bottle

Song dynastie Fles    H 19cm D 11,5cm

Song dynasty

This is the type of early Mei-Ping flask which was used in the 13th to 14th century by the Chinese, southern Song or Yuan dynasty
It was used to transport mercury for trade that was be used in de gold mining operations.
It is found at the port of Tuban, Indonesia on a unknown shipwreck.

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